Acai Bowl

I had never eaten an Acai bowl until about a month a go *screams of horror from trendy health food fans*. Absolutely shocking, I know. Actually I had purposely avoided the Acai bowl in rebellion of the trend, “I won’t be fooled by the hype” I said eating a non Acai based breakfast food, “They are all buying in to a silly trend” I thought smugly. However, I finally caved last month and made one for myself, planning of keeping it quiet to the world. But my eyes are now open to the wondrous taste of the Acai bowl so I must share it with you! Please don’t eat this thinking you are going to be magically healed of all your health problems or that you will suddenly be able to run a marathon because that isn’t going to happen. It will however taste glorious- like berry ice cream or a really thick smoothie. It is certainly a treat (considering the price of Acai) but it’s definitely worth a try.

Acai can be hard to find but usually your local health food shop will stock in the freezer section or on the shelf in powder form.

I shall share with you my method for making the bowl but let it be known that it can easily be adjusted to your own taste preferences.


1 pack of sambazon frozen acai

1 tbsp of nut butter (I use almond butter)

Half a banana

A handful of blueberries

A splash of almond milk

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp maca powder

Options for toppings (this is what it’s all about)

Edible flowers

Homemade granola

Coconut flakes




Cacao nips

Nut butter


Pop all the above ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and thick (adjusting the milk amount when needed)

Now pour it into a bowl and have fun with your toppings. I have listed my favourite ones above.

See it is so simple to make but so tasty!



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