Top 5 London Coffee Shops

Hello there, I’m Tara and I’m a coffee addict.

There was once a time when I thought enjoying the taste of coffee meant your taste buds were dead. Oh how things have changed.

I now hunt down the top coffee shops in every city I visit and feel a cloud of doom descending when I think a day might go by without a coffee.

Do I have a problem? It’s debatable. Problem or not, at least you can benefit from my addiction. After being inspired by The London Coffee Festival  I’ve tracked down, and thoroughly tested the best coffees London has to offer. This is of course for your benefit, and maybe mine too.

1.  Second Shot Coffee

Bethnal Green

Image from: Second Shot Coffee

I came across this tiny cafe by chance one morning and boy am I happy I did.

Second Shot Coffee aims to change lives (not just with it’s amazing coffee). They employ people who have been affected by homelessness and train them as baristas, before transitioning them onto their preferred employment.

The cafe also operates a ‘pay it forward’ system where you can pre pay for food and drink so someone who really needs it can receive the goods for free.

They also have some tempting looking pastries and small bites to take on the road with you.

2.  Climpson and Sons Cafe

South Hackney

Image from: Climpson and Sons

When you’re visiting Broadway Markets there’s only one place to stop for coffee in my mind…Climpson and Sons!

The cafe was created when the owners decided to set up shop in an old butchers called ‘Climpson and Sons’. They kept the name and ditched the meat in favour for coffee beans.

Their flat white is perfection and they have been roasting their own beans in Hackney since 2002.

The decor is simplistic, the focus is on the coffee, as it should be.

3.  Friend Of Ours


Image from: Friend of Ours

This independent cafe is tucked away from the busy streets of Shoreditch. I dropped by for a chai latte along with some avocado toast and was beyond impressed.

The open shop design combined with the super friendly staff creates a welcoming vibe which can be hard to find in London at times.

4.  Allpress Espresso Roastery & Cafe


Image from: Allpress Coffee

Allpress Coffee started as a coffee cart in 1986 and has expanded ever since. With over a 1000 independent cafes across the globe, it’s a classic which can’t be missed.

As soon as I walked into the Shoreditch cafe I felt like I was back home in Australia. There’s a tantalizing smell of freshly roasted beans that you can see being roasted at the back of the cafe.

Allpress makes fantastic coffee including filter! Pair your coffee with one of their baked goods and you’re set.

5. Vagabond

Finsbury Park

Image from: Vagabond

This little spot is my local when I’m visiting London.

Their flat white is spot on and they know how to pour a fantastic soy coffee. However, I have to say they can be unreliable at times as I think they’re victim to traveling baristas. It’s a bit ironic considering the name of the cafe.

Beans are roasted in-house and sourced from small farmers in locations like Colombia and Rwanda.

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