October Favourites

Hello there,

The exam period is finally over for me so I now have time to look back on the month of October and share with you everything that I was loving:

Coffee shop of the month has to go to Moana Coffee In the city. Their coffees are consistently good and they even manage some solid coffee art when working with temperamental soy milk. The terrace view is also a plus.

My favourite song was probably ‘used to love you’ by Gwen Stefani. I remember loving Gwen when I was younger and then she kind of disappeared but now she’s back and she’s still got it!

Dream outfit  of the month would be this playsuit with these amazing strawberry shoes

The best dessert I made in October was hands down this tofu chocolate cake. Sounds weird but the silken tofu makes the chocolate so light and smooth.

My go to meal¬†has been zucchini pasta with homemade pesto and tuna with avocado mash. (recipe coming soon). When I’ve been on the go, it’s been sushi which is always my favourite!

Favourite TV show would have to go to Bob’s Burgers. It may not be the most highbrow show but it sure did get me through exams.

Book of the month goes to Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I have been obsessively making my way through his whole collection of books over this year and I haven’t read one I haven’t liked yet.

Skincare and Makeup. Skincare wise I have been reaching for Sunday Riley products- They are certainly expensive but worth the investment as they work well, are natural, and last for ages. In regards to makeup I have been loving a mascara I got from Japan by Dasoda called ‘mega long mascara’. It lives up to its name as it makes my lashes look so long that it even tricks me into thinking I have fake lashes on. With the warmer weather arriving I have been using a lighter base as it feels more comfortable on the skin. Diorskin nude BB creme has been working wonders for me. It provides a light tint without irritating my sensitive skin.

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