Perth’s Best Coffee Spots

I’m a big fan of coffee and I think I drink enough of it to give you some advice on the top places to grab a cup in Perth.



1.  La Veen

The coffee is consistently good at La Veen and the staff are always friendly.

I also think that they make the best chai latte in Perth.



2.  Moana Coffee

Located in a heritage building with a great balcony view of the city, Moana coffee serves a fantastic cup of coffee.

They use Mano O Mano coffee beans which have an amazing aroma and flavour.



3. The Tenth State

My favourite university hang out spot.

TTS serve up great coffees and Chai lattes that are topped with cute panda biscuits.

The staff are always welcoming and go out of their way to remember your name.

Definitely try out some of the yummy food on offer too.


4. Woogie Espresso

The best almond milk coffee I have had in Perth- no doubt.

The coffee here is reasonably priced and delivered quickly.

However be aware that it’s a bit of a distance from the city center and the seating arrangement is not ideal so I suggest ordering takeaway.


5. Mary Street Bakery

The coffee is smooth and packed with flavour at Mary Street Bakery. It’s also reasonably priced which can be hard to find in Perth.

It’s also a great spot for a doughnut and coffee and conveniently near Hyde Park if you feel like a stroll.


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  1. This is a good top 5 list. I particularly like La Veen’s chai latte and Woogie Espresso’s flat white (nearly as good as K+K Hotel Cayré in Paris!)

    1. La Veen’s Chai is so good! Have you been back recently? One day you will have to go back to Paris to have that coffee

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