Perth’s Top 5 Breakfast Spots

Perth has a vast array of fantastic breakfast spots to choose from. Sometimes it can be tricky to make a choice so to help you out here are my top 5 picks!

1. Flora and Fauna

Chia fruit bowl with Coyo

Flora and Fauna have some amazing vegan and vegetarian food options available.

I have to say that this cafe is my top breakfast pick in Perth.

The owners are super welcoming and are always up for some friendly banter.

Every item that I have tried on the menu (which is nearly all of them) is a must try.

All their baked items are absolutely delicious. I would suggest that you try their famous chocolate and coconut cookies on the way out.







2. Moana Coffee

Housed in a stunning heritage building, Moana Coffee is a must visit.

Not only does this cafe consistently serve amazing coffee they also do a great breakfast.

I love their bagels which are sourced from local producer ‘The Holy Bagel’. You can pick your own fillings which means that even the pickiest of eaters will be satisfied.

While you are waiting for your breakfast to arrive you should browse the current art exhibit showcased in the cafe.

3. Chu Bakery

PB & J puff

Chu Bakery do amazing pastries but I have to say that their avocado toast is my favourite item on their menu.

If you arrive early enough you might even be lucky enough to go home with one of their loaves of bread.











4. Stimulatte

Sweet potato hash with eggs and chorizo

This cute little cafe in Subiaco is certainly a hot spot for all the local ‘fitspos’ but don’t be deterred- they do a damn good breakfast.

The menu has a variety of healthy, allergy friendly dishes and some indulgent ones too for good measure.

Once again, the coffee is also top notch.










5. Mary Street Bakery

My all time favourite spot to meet with friends over breakfast.

I can never go past a croissant and coffee here but they are famous for their waffles with maple, fried chicken.

Get a salted caramel doughnut for takeaway and head over to Hyde Park for a nice stroll around the lake.



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