Top 5 Weirdest Australian Snacks

Since moving to London I’ve realized we eat some pretty weird stuff in Australia.

Apparently I’ve been living a sheltered life where everyone frequently consumes Twisties, Fairy Bread, Cherry Ripes, Bubble O Bills and Lamingtons. If you’re enthusiastically nodding your head right now, you’re Australian. If you think I just listed different species of birds you’re definitely not Australian and you’re about to be enlightened. These foods are magically weird.

Vegemite doesn’t make the list because the British have ripped it off by producing Marmite. They pretend it’s better than Vegemite but we all know it’s sub-par.


1. Fairy Bread

I was seriously shocked when I realized fairy bread was not a thing enjoyed worldwide. Whether it was at your 5th birthday party (why bother making your child a cake when there’s fairy bread?) or when you were in university and didn’t want to make a ‘real’ meal – all Australians have experienced the joy of Fairy Bread at some stage in their life.

Fairy Bread has been around since the 1920s in Australia and is dead easy to make. Spread some butter or margarine on sliced white bread, sprinkle over hundreds and thousands and cut into four triangles. You’ve just made Fairy Bread!

2. Bubble O Bill

Bubble O Bill is a classic Australian ice cream. He’s cheap, a little bit creepy (see above image) and honestly doesn’t taste that great but we still love him.

The ice cream gets it’s name from the old wild West figure Buffalo Bill so resembles a cowboy for lols. The gumball nose is the star of the show but loses it’s flavour after a couple of chews.

You get bang for your buck with Bubble O Bill as it has three ice cream flavours packed into it: A Strawberry  face, caramel moustache and a chocolate hat. Each flavour is equally tasteless and disappointing so just eat the chocolate coated back and be done with it.

It was introduced in 1985 and Australians were the only suckers who accepted it as a viable ice cream option. We’re crazy for Bubble O bill, there’s a ridiculous amount of merchandise dedicated to this Australian icon, including a $15 pair of socks.

3. Lamingtons


There’s an ongoing fight for ownership of the Lamington between Australia and New Zealand. ‘Experts’ say it’s from New Zealand but I’m here to say Australians make the best Lamingtons.

I’ve seen cafes around London producing cakes they claim are Lamingtons but trust me, they’re definitely not. They should be light and fluffy, not bricks the size of my head.

A Lamington or ‘Lammo’ is a square sponge cake coated in chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut. The key feature that separates a real one from a fake is the thin layer of jam or cream in the middle of the two halves.

The cake was named after Lord and Lady Lamington and dates back to 1927. We love the cake so much we have a National Lamington Day… but then again there seems to be a day to celebrate nearly every food type.

I’ve tried this healthy Lamington recipe before and highly recommend giving it a go if you are yet to try one.

4. Cherry Ripe





Personally I think Cherry Ripes are a horrific creation but hey, what do I know? People love them!

It’s Australia’s oldest chocolate bar and also one of the top chocolate bars sold in the country. It consists of cherries, coconut and a dark chocolate coating. All these components sound like they would make a delicious chocolate bar but the Cherry Ripe is a dry, artificially flavoured bar that is a disgrace to the chocolate industry.

5. Twisties


I used to love Twisties! Warning: They’re incredibly processed and highly addictive.

The Twistie doesn’t conform to society’s body standards. Each Twistie is uniquely shaped and equally as beautiful.

They come in cheese and chicken flavour (and no doubt some whacky new flavours that I won’t acknowledge) but cheese is the only way to go. Be ready to have very yellow fingers.

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